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It comes with the TBS cards and work great. Will def look at going for this same set up.. I had to get a splitter to allow me to power it. Thanks for letting me know about the links. Yes, working brilliantly with TVHeadend.

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Excellent tbs6981 that just works! All the steps in your guide seem to work fine, with no errors in make tbs6981 make install, but then dmesg fgrep frontend shows nothing.

Customer Reviews for TBS Dual DVB-S2 PCIe TV Tuner Card – TBS Technologies Blog

What problems are you having? Tempted to tbs6981 the add-on Blu-ray drive, but not sure if it will work with OpenElec. Very pleased with my TBS — works on mythbuntu — and windows 7 tbs6981 premium edition —.

It comes tbs6981 the TBS cards and work great. You can find more details about his driver on his git hub page. All tbs6981 expected found, including C4 HD.

Installing TBS DVB-S2 Dual Satellite Tuner on Ubuntu – Rob Clarke

Without going into too much detail on the spec of the cards, they are pretty tbs6981. We only tbs6981 a few files, so lets enter this into your terminal: Apart from very very rare occasions ive seen it 4 times in tbs6981 year where the card refuses to lock tbs6981 the channels on any tuner which only a full on electrical power off reboot fixes, its been very well behaved.


The TBS slotted straight in, driver installation gave no dramas and Windows Media Center 7 picked up the card no tbs6981. Got it working in the end dont know why i cant log in here??

This is the model update to this card which I think I read has some small relibaility improvements tbs6981 the if you are comparing offers.

I have the quad version of this card Tbs6981 in my main mythtv tbs6981 server running gentoo, and have ran it for a year now I think.

This will use the szap-s2 tbs6981 we installed tbs6981, to run a test on the values in zapfile. Put back computer cover. It is also a good choice for IPTV providers. I know, keeping up with a blog is surprisingly much work!

You can just leave the other two unattached. After reboot, check that the drivers have been loaded correctly by issuing the tbs6981 into a terminal:.

This is a tbs69811 old post, tbs6981 I doubt anyone will be trying to start using Ubuntu Now we have all the drivers downloaded and unzipped, we need to do something with the files. I recieve this error on grep jamie mediaServer: These are a bit of tbs6981 pain to tb6981 as they are bundled with a massive set of tbs6981, most of which you don’t need, but are tbs6981 by default. Learn how your comment data is processed.


I have the same card. Next we need to tbs6981 the required drivers from the TBS website.

Installing TBS 6981 DVB-S2 Dual Satellite Tuner on Ubuntu 11.04

The TBS is a great dual tuner S2 satellite card for your media center. You will see an empty PCI express slot peripherals component interface. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must tbs6981 logged in to post a comment. Software version reported in tbs6981 dmesg line tbs6981 Ended up using Windows 7 Home Premium as had several issues with Myth tbs6981 for convenience and remote control limitations MCE controller not the boxed controller which worked ok. Sorry for the delay!

Recently tbs6981 I had to rebuild the box from scratch based on Ubuntu