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This is a fantastic solution. We were laughing hard about this. Lots of reports that say new replacement are still bad as of There are lots of sites that give garbage advices about this keyboard. I assumed this was a ground, but when I took that off, it wasn’t connected to any sort of ground.

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Then, the defective keys will all work again! He says the problem is electric static ku-0459 keyboard inside the keyboard.

Microsoft Comfort Curve Ku0459 Model 1047 Clear Computer Keyboard Cover Skin

There are lots of sites that give garbage advices about this keyboard. Also says he open the keyboard to ku-0459 keyboard the membrance.

Lots of reports that say new replacement are still bad as of I assumed this was a ground, but when I took that off, it iu-0459 connected ku-0459 keyboard any sort of ground. Just learned from a friend, a good method of fixing ku-0459 keyboard keyboard. We ku-0459 keyboard laughing hard about this. They’ll say update the driver, clean the keyboard.

Also, return for replacement will probably not help. The problem is with the keyboard hardware ku-0459 keyboard. My repost from FixYa: This new keyboard technology is wonderful and superb, the keyboard is sheer pleasure to use when it is working, when you press the keyboarx it is quite soft and silent, so, it wont wake the baby up. His solution is to spend 15 min to open up the keyboard to discharge it, whenever keys starts to not working.


Microsoft seems to have opted for the cheapest quality non expensive plastic sheet circuit mat for their keyboard, probably made from some cheep biodegradable recycled plastic condoms, these cheep mats ku-0459 keyboard have tendency to hold onto electric charge and wont discharge when they ku-0459 keyboard, and consequently cut off circuit connections to the keys, same technology that is keyboxrd in majority ku-0459 keyboard the household remote controls, and ,so, the reason why Ku-00459 keys tend to stop functioning after a while.

Because ku-0459 keyboard is a really great keyboard, and now you can actually make it work. Opening the keyboard, I found a bright metal screw that held the sheets to the small pcb board inside.

If you bought a Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboardand some keys started keyboarx fail, this page shows you how to fix it.

These are not the problems of this keyboard. Well the SmApple guy put me on the right track, but ku-0459 keyboard main deficiency with this keyboard is the lack of a proper ground ku-0459 keyboard would cause a static build up.


Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000 Ku-1079 Wired Black USB Keyboard

Sometimes the bad keys just work perfectly. Whenever some key doesn’t work, take the keyboard up and hold it with one hand, and use the other hand to give the keyboard ku-0459 keyboard slap with impact.

She told me this, then i immediately plugged in the keyboard, checked that keyboarx is still defective, then i whacked it, ku-0459 keyboard it immediately workd! There’s a guy SMApple who wrote a post here: The bottom line about the defect is that the failure ku-0459 keyboard not consistent.

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This is a fantastic solution. Voila, a working keyboard!

Even in this year this plastic sheet circuit board needs lots of improvement yet, because ku-0459 keyboard suffers from static charge build up.