Thank you so much!!! Maybe the old screen was not the problem. Michael Mil, I have a gateway laptop that slowly stop powering. Hello, how are you? Lisette, I guess you are talking about the DC jack which is shown on the last picture of my guide. And now i have a question as well:

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Hi im gateway nx570x some trouble taking out the green screw thats appears in the first photo, its like stuck to the plastic, ive tried everything to take gateway nx570x out, but it wont seem to loosen up.

gateway nx570x Each back should be labelled to reference the position they came from Location on the laptop, the number gateway nx570x screws as well as the sequential order in which they came off the machine. I was about to toss my NXX notebook after 45 minutes fighting to split the shell.

If you break the connector, you will not be able to fix it. Thank you so much.

How to take apart Gateway NXX – Inside my laptop

This saved my daughter a gateway nx570x deal of money. Trump accuses Twitter of ‘shadow banning’ prominent Republicans.

Gateway also offers an 8-cell option and a cell option. By using our gateway nx570x, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.


Gateway NX570X Review

I wanted to hateway thank gateway nx570x for posting this, it saved a lot of trial and error. Can you see any faint image on the screen at all? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Right at the beginning it will ask if you want to load additional SATA driver and you can do so by pressing F6. Thank you for a great guide. I will appreciate if gateway nx570x can help with this.

How to take apart Gateway NX570X

Gateway nx570x hours of use, the laptop became very warm, but the fan remained quiet. Note, I had no problems after the copper sleeve popped out with the rear pin. That said, its integrated GPU makes it unsuitable for serious gaming and demanding graphics work.

Apparently, gateway nx570x is a problem with the power socket DC jack and it has to be replaced or resoldered.

In the post above I explain how to remove the motherboard in order to replace the power jack. While holding the body of the laptop securely and gateway nx570x the screen, gateway nx570x wobbles backward and forward once each before stopping.

I had an extremely difficult time getting the part out. The keyboard connector gateway nx570x two pieces — the white base and the brown black locking tab.

I spilled iced tea inside and wanted to clean any residue to see if I could get it running again as it was dead after the spill. I tried a solder sucker and wick but neither worked.


This laptop has gateway nx570x one fan. I was looking for information on a Gateway MX and it was nearly an identical procedure. I nxx570x NOT the worlds best tinkerer and have limited tools, thus am gateway nx570x to taking apart the laptop. You carefully pull the mail connector which has wires attached using your fingernails.

gateway nx570x

Gateway NX review: Gateway NX – CNET

Are there contacts that may have loosened? Thank you so much for publishing this guide, you are a real Godsend! Does the screen change color from black to light black when the laptop is turned on? Visit our network of sites: Visit manufacturer site for details.

Memory or DRAM is the gateway nx570x memory of the computer. The keyboard is gateway nx570x place where I take slight issue with the NXX. My Vz had gateway nx570x gaps between some of the keys, so I am relieved to see that the gaps between keys are minimal on the NXX.